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Swathes of bracken dominate the hillsides and encroach onto the roadside. Growing over 5 feet tall and forming complex underground networks, bracken can take over a landscape in a few short years. With a single dominant plant, biodiversity is not encouraged; livestock, wildfowl, landscapes and wildlife can suffer.

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Bracken Spraying at Ilkley

Technology has enabled traditional spraying to become more accurate and more cost effective. Heli-Lift Services advanced GPS navigation system, combined with specialised software, allows the most efficient course to be plotted and accurately tracks the progress. The high level of accuracy ensures maximal coverage and minimum drift.

It’s not only difficult to control, bracken is linked with cancer putting humans and livestock at risk.

The ‘Friends of Ilkley Moor’ recently organised a treatment with herbicide to safely and accurately eradicate bracken from key areas (please click on the buttons above to find out more). Early indicators of the benefit to the public, livestock and overall biodiversity should be visible by next spring.

Friends of Ilkley Moor

Contact us now to find out how we can help with your bracken spraying.

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The Heli-Lift Services’ spraying rig is so effective and efficient because the rig’s nozzle jets release perfectly weighted droplets evenly and swiftly over the crop as you may be able to see in the images above.