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Most of the specialised helicopter services’ equipment we use has been designed and manufactured by Heli-Lift Services’ team of engineers. We have commissioned equipment ranging from a heather brash spreader (the only one of its kind) to specialised lifting equipment for the recent Jaguar XE launch and the Little Legends promotion.

Internally, the sophisticated GPS tracking and recording software facilitates highly accurate spreading, spraying and data logging. Essential for correct and precise service delivery billing and accounting.
GPS Data Logging
A multicore processor and high powered external antennae provide our associates with the most accurate service possible.
Heli Deck
Modified by Heli-Lift Services engineering team and equipped by specialists.
Rigs & Platforms
Purpose built platforms suspended from professionally adapted aircraft.
Refilled with a JCB in seconds, acres of ground can be seeded in minutes.
Heather Brash Spreader
Heather Brash Spreader
A totally unique piece of equipment and quite a feat of engineering.
Based on similar designs for winged aircraft, this lightweight piece of spraying equipment covers acres in minutes.
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