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Moorland Assignments

Heli-Lift Services commenced operations with Yorkshire Water, The RSPB, The National Trust, Moors for the Future and Conservefor to transform and regenerate a habitat on the brink of destruction. The iconic UK landscape that is, “the peatlands” provide a habitat for endangered plants and animals and absorb huge amounts of CO2 in the process.

Sadly, 200 years of industrial activity has left its mark on large moorland areas. In many places the damage is so severe that they no longer resemble moorland.

Some of these areas provide drinking water for towns and cities but processing the water which drains from the moors is becoming more expensive and less energy efficient because of the increased amount of soil in the water running off the hills.

Heli-Lift Services has operated alongside these agencies, whose aim is to restore the peat moorlands. enabling them to construct thousands of stone dams and hundreds of wooden and plastic dams quickly, safely and cost effectively. Each of these helps prevent more peat from washing away, destroying the unique habitat and blocking water treatment works.

To initiate regeneration, Heli-Lift Services’  have been spreading lime, fertiliser, seed and heather brash on the moors to provide future habitats for plants and animals. Thankfully, once established, the peatlands are able to regenerate on their own.

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