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Heli-Lift Services offers a broad range of helicopter services tailored to your needs. Below are answers to the questions we are asked most frequently.

If your question is not answered below - Please contact a member of the Heli-Lift Services team to discuss how we can help. Click here to contact us now.

What is the most you can lift?

Jet Ranger (500 Kg), Squirrel (up to 1 ton), Huey (1.9 Tons).

Can you operate outside the UK?

We are happy to undertake international work and have experience in Cyprus, Portugal and Africa.

What certificates / licences do you hold?

We hold an AAC issued by the UK CAA (Aerial Application Certificate). Pilots and ground crew hold all relevant qualifications for these operations.

How much do you charge?

Due to the specialised nature of our work, each job is charged on an individual basis.

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