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Please take some time to consider what our clients and associates say about the services we provide.

Babcock Representative - Adrian Parker

Speaking about the erection of pylons by helicopter: “There are two reasons why we chose to use helicopters… Some of the distances for access… [and] the environmental reasons… We’ve managed to take about 2000 lorries of the road [and off] farmers fields.”

Moors for the Future - Publication

Regarding the unique benefits of helicopters when operating in remote areas: “to ensure establishment… helicopters need to be employed due to the remoteness of the moorland.”

RSPB - Publication

Regarding the removal of bracken to encourage primary habitats: “In large scale bracken control programmes aerial spraying using helicopters is a valid and cost effective option.”

Health & Safety Executive - Publicised Statement

Regarding the use of helicopter services to reduce manual handling of stones: “As well as reducing the risks of musculoskeletal disorders the solution to use of the helicopter proved to be cost effective.”

The National Trust - In a publicised statement

In a statement concerning the effectivity of aerial spreading and seeding: “Lime is… spread aerially by a helicopter to raise the pH, followed by fertiliser to increase the fertility of the peat. This improves conditions for grasses and heather species, which are aerially sown. These seeds grow, creating a covering of vegetation which holds the peat together and stops erosion, stabilising the surface to allow moorland species to start to come back again. The grass growth resulting from the use of this technique would attract sheep from all around..!”

Elveden Farms - Frances Fleming - marketing manager

Regarding the use of helicopters when extracting Christmas trees ranging from 20 to more than 50 feet in height: “We can’t get vehicles in there. The easiest way is to get a helicopter.”


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United Utilities - Ed Lawrence - Wildlife Warden


Speaking about the regeneration of moors over Dove Stone for which Heli-Lift Services were enlisted: “[The work] will benefit our bill payers as well as the environment – it’s a win for everyone.”