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About Us

Heli-Lift Services are one of the UK and Europe's premiere helicopter operating organisations. Based in Oxford and with subsidiary operational bases further afield, Heli-Lift Services are uniquely positioned to operate throughout the UK and Europe.

Heli-Lift Services’ aircrew are all experienced pilots with many hours of logged flight time. Heli-Lift Services’ pilots are required to operate in a variety of settings, situations and environments. It is a prerequisite that our pilots are comprehensively qualified and extensively experienced with the range of services we provide including underslung loads, low level operations and airborne firefighting experience.

Heli-Lift Services ground support crews are also well seasoned in these operations. In their capacity as fabricators and engineers they have aided in the design and manufacture of our extensive array of specialised equipment including many of those listed on our ‘Equipment’ page.

All Heli-Lift Services’ aircraft and relevant equipment are strictly maintained in accordance with EASA 145 and the FAA FAR's as part of our ongoing commitment to safe and effective operation.

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